CCW is a software development company that specialises in distributed ledger technologies. CCW is divided into three different departments: consultation, asset management and development. You can also meet the team, view our media section or contact us.

"The future of money is digital currency" - Bill Gates


CCW offers its expertise to companies looking to conduct an ICO (initial coin offering).

We will provide all necessary components to build an ICO and deploy it.

We have all the expertise to deploy an ICO campaign, from building the frontend, backend, integration of a smart contract, security, KYC and then finally launching and managing the marketing campaign.

Our Solution

Technology Solution

  • Smart Contract
  • Smart Contract Management System
  • Developer consultation
  • Book building platform

Legal Solution

  • Review and recommendations
  • Set of legal documents
  • Consultations on legal aspects by experienced, external lawyers

Marketing Solution

  • Detailed marketing strategy
  • Bounty program to conduct international marketing
  • Consultations with marketing experts

Advantages of an ICO

    For business:

  • It's fast, ICO's are ready to launch in under six weeks.

  • It's economical, with prices starting at 5 BTC depending on the project.

  • Brings in new customers through the blockchain community.

  • No cap on fundraising.

For token buyers:

  • Minimal entry threshold thanks to the power of blockchain technology.

  • Maximum security.

  • Highest profitability thanks to our business expertise.

  • Simple and convenient.

Asset Management

Investors will invest Ethereum or Bitcoin, receive a token (proof of investment) and will be issued a return in Ethereum.

Our closed-end cryptocurrency fund will build upon the existing blockchain technologies on the Ethereum platform. The use of a fund provides a means of diversification and asset allocation for investors without the high investment costs and technical barriers.

The fund would create a new route to the cryptocurrency markets, by captivating the emerging surplus of smaller trading consumers through the use of a new type of investment vehicle.

CCW will be the first cryptocurrency fund that allows investors to instantly diversify a single investment of a Ethereum whilst receiving a return in Ethereum.

We aim to capitalise on the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies amongst investors. The current currency markets have become increasingly more volatile due to growing political and environmental developments. FIAT currencies (A currency established as money by government regulation or law) are fluctuating more aggressively than in previous years. Although the cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile, the rapid changes in major currencies are aiding the blockchain gain popularity. The entire cryptocurrency market has a market capitalisation of over $500bn.

CCW will diversify the portfolio between selected cryptocurrencies that meet a specified criteria, other ICO’s and blockchain assets. Changes to the fund portfolio itself will not require an interaction with the tokens. The tokens only interaction with the portfolio is its percentage performance. This will allow CCW to change positions between various investments without altering having to destroy and then re-issue tokens.

The CCW Difference


Investment vehicle represents an ETF trading approach, providing more stability and instant diversification.

Removes technical barriers

Removes the need for investors to have multiple wallets for each coin they wish to invest in. CCW only requires investors to have one wallet, as CCW will diversify the fund amongst various cryptocurrencies.

Subscription model

CCW will offer investors a token in return for Ethereum or Bitcoin. The token represents a subscription to the fund’s future revenue stream. The investors will be issued a return in Ethereum, which will make CCW the first cryptocurrency fund that issues returns in a recognised cryptocurrency, therefore investors can act at their own discretion to sell or trade their returns.

CCW Tokens

CCW tokens will be ERC20 compliant. Investors will have the ability to trade CCW tokens on popular exchanges and decentralised exchanges.
Investors will benefit from these tokens in two ways. Firstly, the appreciation of the token value. Secondly, the dividend they will receive every quarter which will be a percentage of CCW's quarterly profit.

Our Solution

The existence of successful companies using blockchain and ICO technology illustrates the demand
for this type of product. Listed below are a characteristics offered by CCW that separate it from competitors.

  • CCW’s main focus is to provide a future revenue stream for investors.

  • CCW is a tokenised closed-end fund that utilises the Ethereum blockchain and all it’s technology to offer full transparency to it’s token owners.

  • CCW’s tokens acts as a subscription to the fund’s performance.

  • CCW quarterly returns will be in Ethereum. Investors will have the ability to trade these on exchanges or hold on to them. As a result CCW does not have to get 3rd party exchanges involved in order for investors to benefit from their returns.

  • Built on a profit-sharing smart contract, CCW introduces an innovative token-as-a-service business model, allowing investors to subscribe to the fund’s income stream. To grow the capital pool without attracting additional token sales, gains are reinvested back into the portfolio.

Smart Contracts

CCW’s tokens will take advantage of “Smart contracts” which are computer programs that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or execution of an agreement. Smart contracts often emulate the logic of regular contractual clauses. Therefore, many kinds of contractual clauses can be made partially or fully self-executing. Once a contract is written and deployed it cannot be un-done.

The blockchain code in smart contracts is run on all the participating computers simultaneously, and the results are compared by every party. This way there is no opportunity for cheating or tampering with the original product. The transparency in smart contracts is quite noteworthy too, the participants all run the same code so the logic of the contracts is visible to all of them. There are smart contracts for general and specific usage, and anyone on the network can see what is happening.

CCW Tokens will be coded to return a set percentage of the fund’s profit back to the investors every quarter. This will ensure that investors receive a return when the fund’s value appreciates. The smart contract will be reviewed and certified by a qualified third party. All relevant information on the smart contract will be included in the whitepaper.


CCW is currently working on other projects such as one relating to the traceability of food by incorporating the blockchain. We are currently in talks with ABP Ireland and Dairygold and are hoping to set up partnerships. We are in the process of setting up a company called Agri-Ireland.com.

CCW is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with KHK Holdings Bahrain. CCW will act as a portal to Bahrain and the Middle East. CCW on behalf of KHK Holdings, will be looking for investment opportunities within the Tech Sector and will assist businesses looking to access the GCC markets.

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